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Specialized Bicycles are transitioning to a digital company. Zone 5 has accelerated that transition and allowed Specialized to focus on the really key element of the whole deal; their customer’s experience.

Specialized know that digital platforms are an essential element in delivering the Specialized experience to their customers – facilitating on-going contact and value-add to their riders.

One of the new digital products Specialized launched was the Angi helmet crash sensor. A small BLE sensor which can be attached to a helmet, and can trigger an emergency contact notification via the Specialized Ride app.

A value-add to their riders using the Ride App was to include a Ride Recorder into the Ride app – allowing for riders to record their ride and be able to see their basic completed ride statistics.

Although this sounds like a simple add-on, the devil is in the details – and this is where Zone 5 Cloud was able to accelerate their development and re-risk their entry into this space.

Zone 5 Cloud provided Specialized with a Ride Recording mobile SDK – iOS and Java libraries which could be included into the Ride App and provided a full recording engine. The Ride Recording SDK knows how to interface with the various phone telemetry sensors, such as GPS, barometric, location services etc and produce both real-time metrics for the Ride UI, and also produce a quality FIT file.

Included in this recording engine is support for auto-pause & auto-resume, speed smoothing and filters, Kalman GPS filters, and bespoke elevation gain/loss calculations. Support for file recovery was made available to the Ride App, as well as support for keeping the recording running in the background of both iOS and Android.

This drop in solution meant that the Specialized Ride App developers could focus on their UI/UX, and all the logic of accumulating telemetry sensor streams into live metrics, and the FIT file generation was provided via the Zone 5 SDK.
Now that the Specialized Ride App could record a ride, Specialized Ride needed a place to upload the completed ride FIT files and APIs to query for completed ride metrics. The Zone 5 Cloud service provided this solution.

The Specialized Ride App used the Zone 5 Cloud API SDKs for iOS and Android, and used these to upload the completed FIT files to the Zone 5 Cloud service. This further processed the files, normalized the ride data, calculating additional ride metrics and storing the data in formats pre-optimized for data queries and data visualizations.

Both the Specialized Ride mobile apps, and the Specialized web based Rider Hub were able to quickly use the Zone 5 Cloud APIs to access the completed ride data and present this to their riders.

Specialized have continued to roll out more detailed app and web based views, utilizing data available in the data rich APIs. From basic metrics such as distance, duration, ascent, average speed through to detailed activity graphs and elevation profiles – the Zone 5 Cloud SDK provides all the necessary data.

As the Specialized Ride eco system has grown, so has the need to capture more data in the FIT files and more metrics to be calculated. The Zone 5 Cloud Ride Recording SDK has been modified to include custom Specialized data in the FIT file – such as integrating Angi helmet crash sensor data into the FIT file – providing an essential audit trail of impact data, and for tracking Angi hardware and firmware versions in the field.

The Zone 5 Cloud file processing was modified for Specialized Turbo eBike files. Rides recorded using the Turbo Mission Control app are now processed by Zone 5 Cloud – calculating and deriving detailed eBike stats never before available. From basic motor power statistics, to battery consumption, to time in assist modes, motor temperature – this data in both summary and detailed stream formats was available to Specialized systems via the Zone 5 Cloud APIs.

A feature of the Specialized Ride app is allowing riders to create group rides, and for others to find and join these group rides. A missing element to this was the ability to create and define a specific route for riders to follow. Zone 5 Cloud APIs were used to save and store the created route, and to manage the relevant route meta-data.

The Zone 5 Cloud APIs also provided the necessary endpoints to export the route into formats compatible with common head units (such as fit and gpx route exports).

The most recent addition to the Specialized Ride eco system is the ability for a rider to register their bikes, and to record their rides against their specific bikes. The Zone 5 Cloud APIs allow for the bike selections to be recorded or changed, and the API provides the necessary aggregate query capabilities to report on accumulated use by bike.

From the starting point of an initial app in market, through to processing all of the Specialized Ride and Turbo eBike rides, the Zone 5 Cloud services have enabled Specialized to quickly get their vision to market and has provided them with a foundation where can continue to grow and evolve their app and web feature sets.

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