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Today’s Plan is a leading provider of endurance sports analytics and tools for coaches to manage their athletes training. Today’s Plan is the choice for a number of professional cycling teams, including Team Ineos, cycling and triathlon federations, and large commercial coaching groups.

A key differentiating feature for Today’s Plan has been the in-depth analytics which are available. From high level aggregate data views to drilling down to a specific data point from a ride, the Zone 5 Cloud SDKs have enabled Today’s Plan to provide the most in-depth analysis available in the market today.

Today’s Plan leverages the full range of Zone 5 Cloud services – everything which can be accessed via the Today’s Plan web or mobile user interfaces is available via a Zone 5 Cloud API.

From power and heart rate curves, to time in zones, to bespoke altitude adjusted power calculations, through to tracking connected sensors per activity, or even tracking energy burn by hour – the Zone 5 APIs feed all the detailed analytics and data visualizations.

The Zone 5 Cloud analytics APIs are extremely flexible, allowing for Today’s Plan to create reports and dashboards not available in any other system. Query for arbitrary multi-athlete and multi-time periods to provide unique information. What was the power distribution of rider A compared to rider B leading into the Tour de France? What was the weighted average power for each rider by week in the given stage race? How does the power curve from a TTT compare to a rider’s best ever, or how does it compare to the rider’s best last season?

A unique feature of the Zone 5 Cloud APIs is the support for multi-athlete analysis. Today’s Plan is a coaching platform, and it’s essential that a coach can access multiple athletes data in a single page. With the Zone 5 Cloud delegate access model, coaches can access all of their athletes data in single API queries, and can also prescribe activities (routes & workouts) to multiple athletes in a single call.

As mentioned above, Today’s Plan is a coaching platform. It’s essential that athletes can easily get their data into the system. Today’s Plan utilizes the full range of Zone 5 Cloud connected systems. Zone 5 Cloud provides seamless pairing and automatic file ingestion from other platforms such as Garmin Connect, Wahoo, Suunto, Polar, Lezynne, and SRAM.

Today’s Plan supports an open ecosystem of sharing data, and uses the Zone 5 Cloud push services to also allow activity files to other platforms such as Strava.

It’s not just ingesting activity files which Zone 5 Cloud supports, Today’s Plan also uses the Zone 5 Cloud wellness integrations to allow athletes to seamlessly pair and sync in their wellness data from Garmin Wellness, FitBit, Underarmour and other similar apps.

Today’s Plan coaches create custom training plans and structured workouts for their athletes. The Zone 5 Cloud APIs allow coaches to create their own bespoke structured workouts and plans for cycling, running and swimming. These structured workouts can be automatically synced to other platforms and head units, including Garmin, Zwift, Wahoo, Lezynne, and Stages Dash.

Today’s Plan coaches also rely upon a unique Zone 5 Cloud feature – smart alerts and data integrity checks. When an activity file is ingested, various checks are performed on the data. Both the coach and athlete can be notified if there is bad data in the file, or if there is a failing connected sensor. Informing a coach or athlete that their power meter battery is nearly flat, or that there is bad data in a file saves the coach a lot of time and is a unique value add service.

Today’s Plan relies on the power of the Zone 5 Cloud services, and is the back end system of choice to store and manage critical data from professional cycling teams and triathletes, and for coaches to run their own businesses.

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